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I need a radical change in my life

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It just happens. In a lot of ways, life happens to us. But you know what makes a difference? Deciding that YOU happened to life. We believe that anything you want, you can achieve it. With the right mindset, the right tools, and just the right amount of kick-ass mentality, no goal is too hard, no obstacle too high.

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The Quickest Way to Radically Improve Your Life: Use Radical Change

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There are a million self-help articles that will tell you to try this or that to make yourself happier. But outside of all the tips and tricks is the fundamental truth that your life is yours, if you choose to claim it. Today, I wanted to share a few journaling questions that I return to constantly. These questions keep me grounded, and they have the potential to radically change the way you view your own life.

Now, before you dive in, let me say: There are some potentially off-putting ideas in here. A lot of articles like this tend to focus on happiness above everything. For example, running off to another country might make you happy … but might be more complicated if you have a spouse or kids to consider. First up, what are your interpersonal responsibilities. Who is important in your life? For each person, list what they need from you.

This might be financial support, time spent together, or guidance in certain areas. How much do you need in order to continue your standard of living? Write down the number—including housing, food, entertainment, necessities, debt payments, etc.

And finally, write about your aspirational responsibilities. What financial or interpersonal responsibilities would you like to have, and how do they vary from your current situation? Maybe you want to spend more time at home, or you wish you could make extra income to pay down debt faster, or you want to start investing.

Make it your goal to quantify as much as possible. How much do you have, and how much more would you like? Would an extra 30 minutes a day with your family feel like a major success? Do you wish you could spend most of the day with them? How much more money would you need to take care of your responsibilities? Write it down. Write it down anyway. At the end of this step, you should have a hefty set of notes. You are bound to nothing except what you choose to be bound to. Make sure each responsibility you take on is something you choose.

What makes you happy? What do you want more of in your life? Write down the top 10 or so things that bring you contentment. No judgement here. Just make a list. Your list may look very different from your present reality.

And now, you can add a monetary value to each item. How much would it cost, either per month or per year, to do or have the things that bring you the most happiness?

Combined with your responses from Question One, you should begin to have an idea of how much money your lifestyle would cost if it was composed of your ideal responsibilities and the things that make you happiest. At this point, two things can happen:. Now you have a tangible number you can work toward. Money is just a tool. And now, you know how to use it to literally buy happiness.

At least partially. Read on. Finding happiness, then, is about removing the barriers that keep you from that state. Instead, I think of it more like a ratio.

Happiness is partially about removing external barriers, and partially frame of mind. The exact ratio varies from person to person. External barriers to happiness might include people, jobs, or situations that bring constant stress into your life. The internal barriers are just as tough. Personally, my barriers to happiness at one point were feelings of loneliness, regret, and inadequacy. Even when my circumstances eventually changed for the better, I found that I still needed to do some internal work to feel the full benefit.

And you know, the process likely could have been sped along with a therapist. Therapists are awesome. Sitting around eating good food all day may make you happy on a basic level, but a sense of meaning and purpose , I think, comes from the effort you put toward something.

Maybe you want to put your effort toward loving and supporting your family. Maybe you want to just get really good at a particular skill. One of my favorite concepts comes from Mark Manson who actually got it from Liz Gilbert.

The concept asks: What kind of shit sandwich are you willing to eat? In other words, every activity worth doing comes with hardship. What kind of hardship are you willing to endure? I think this question is closely tied to finding your why. I believe that if you can do it for a day, you can do it for a week. And if you can do it for a week, you can do it for a year. Rather than setting huge goals about what you want your year to look like, just focus in on your perfect day.

In an ideal day, what time would you wake up? When would you start working? What would you do for work? How would your day end? How would you do more of things you love doing? Include variations if needed—maybe you want to do some things some days, but not every day.

The point is to get your ideal day on the page. Your ideal day is your new goal. It takes into account your responsibilities, what brings you happiness, and what you want to accomplish. Now, you can ask the most important question:.

For each element of your ideal day, write out what would need to change from your current situation in order to make it work. It might be as simple as going to bed on time so you can wake up earlier. It might mean a career change. It might mean devoting more or less time to certain relationships. It might be going out and striking up new relationships altogether.

These are just questions to get you thinking. Let these pages serve as your brainstorm and guidepost as you figure out the path forward. I loved this so much I printed it out to work through with my husband.

Can you write this into a book in your free time? I am really glad i got to read this post, i have been struggling for a while with my choices, and after reading this, i can say i have an idea of the decisions i need to make in life.

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10 Steps To Radically Change Your Life

People love the idea of making a significant life change. They imagine themselves ten pounds lighter and finally feeling confident. I should know, I spent five years turning my body—complete with years of broken bones, sprains, and emergency room visits—into something others deemed aesthetic. I transformed from a fat-skinny kid too afraid to take off his sweatshirt on a California beach into a tanned muscular machine that attended music festivals in short shorts and Calvin Klein undies.

This is part two of a two-part series on how to create positive change in your life. They certainly don't represent anything just a little different or just a little better. They all represented radical change -- they operated, sounded and looked completely different than anything that came before them.

There are a million self-help articles that will tell you to try this or that to make yourself happier. But outside of all the tips and tricks is the fundamental truth that your life is yours, if you choose to claim it. Today, I wanted to share a few journaling questions that I return to constantly. These questions keep me grounded, and they have the potential to radically change the way you view your own life. Now, before you dive in, let me say: There are some potentially off-putting ideas in here.

30 Radically Simple Ways to Change Your Life

Life is not supposed to stand still. Change is an important part of growth , and it keeps us on a never ending adventure. Change helps us heal and brings us into our next phases in life. Without change we would always be stuck in the same place doing the same thing, and how much fun is that? We need change , and there are many very simple ways that you can bring positive change into your life now:. Changing your style will not only change how you look, but it can also change your attitude and the way you behave. When people look good they feel confident, and when people are confident they make healthier choices for themselves and seize more opportunities that come their way. Integrating a positive affirmation into your life such as, "I am worthy of all good things" can make you a more hopeful, positive person. Choose an uplifting phrase and repeat it to yourself as often as you can throughout the day.

6 Questions to Radically Change Your Life

Want to know how to change your life completely? I was a bit sceptical, so I began to immerse myself in the teachings of all the "gurus" around the world on how to change my life for the better. The reason why I did that is because I really wanted to know how to change my life around. Back then, I was massively overweight, I was taking medications and was buried in debt. Thankfully, during all those teachings, I discovered this secret, which was a life-changer for me.

Most of us ask what's the weather, what's for dinner tonight, and what's on for the weekend — but we fail to stop and ask about the bigger picture of our precious lives. Are we living our purpose?


How To Change Your Life Radically



If You Want to Radically Change Your Life, You Need to Take This First Step


Aug 16, - Have you ever thought, “I want to change my life, but I don't know where to start!” Well, we've been changing lives since , and we've found.








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