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Poem about a girl you like

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When you can't seem to think about anything but one special person, you probably have a crush on them. Sometimes crushes come on quickly, love-at-first-sight style. Other times, crushes sneak up on you, turning a good friend into the object of your affection seemingly overnight. Crushes make you smile for no reason, daydream relentlessly, and feel extra motivated to go to school. They also make you reread text conversations a hundred times, just because. They are fun and innocent and sometimes, if you are extra lucky, they can even lead to love.

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Add to list. I don't really even know her, But I love her just the same. I've never even heard her voice, But we've talked a little while. I've never even heard her laugh, But I've seen her perfect smile. I've never actually hugged her, Or ran my fingers through her hair. I've never gazed into her eyes, Or watched her laying there. I worry about her, When somethings wrong. I wish I was there, To help her be strong. I guess I maybe don't Know her at all. So it's kind of confusing, That I would even fall.

One thing is for certain, She's one amazing friend, And I hope that our friendship, Will never end!! Whyitt U - it's funny how poems and people's lives can seem so interchangable.. Sucha-pretty-messx - Hehe I love this!!! Cor do I know the feeling I felt like I loved this boy and we'd talked online for about 3years but never had a phone conversation, feelings are powerful things aren't they.

I love the rhyming in this, it flows amazingly well and the rhyming just seems natural. Pari Ali - I like this one, I like the rhyme and flow and all the feelings and doubts expressed so well. This takes us through the entire range of feelings from love to doubt to the affirming end. It certainly is a very confusing place to be when you love someone youve never seen, smelled, or touched.

Thanks for entering my contest. Whyitt U - thanks and good luck BuriedTreasures - This is a great write and an honest portrayal of your feelings--Good luck in the contest!! Yeah, I've never experienced this myself but I tell you it must be heartbreaking. It reminds me a little of the song your beautiful by James Blunt, as he never sees her again but he sees her once and instantly takes to her. Shenanigans - Ooh, I like this. Very interesting. The emotions are genuine, and the rhyming isn't forced.

I also like how you're embracing the not-knowing I'd be interested to hear a little background. Is this someone you've seen, or some crazy online thing, or bizarre letters from halfway around the world? That last one's a stretch, but would be way cool Anyway, I have no complaints.

Great write, and good luck in the contest! Kay J Billington - Hey, i know i've commented on this previously, but thought I would congratlate you on you gold trophy! Well done, this write deserves it! Allieballiebee85 - This is a beautiful write. Its full of emotion and I can fully relate to it as well. You're right, feelings are yours and yours alone to express as you wish, you should never be ashamed of them no matter what the context.

And we will always experience bonds with people because our epicentre of emotion surpasses that of human logic. Sorry lol going a bit 'wiseman' there lol. Keep up the amazing writes! October 20, - August 8, Inbox x.

A Girl Like You

How did I get a girl like you? A girl that's smart, pretty, and true. A girl that I can hold tight. A girl that is ''just right''. A girl that can make my sun rise, And my sun set.

Women love to see a man's soft, sensitive side. And what could be more soft and sensitive than classic love poems?

Money and thoughtfulness can buy chocolate and roses but a romantic poem comes from the heart. Writing a romantic poem for a girl shows effort as well as courage-you are baring your soul to her through poetry. Grab a pen and follow these instructions, and you will be able to write a romantic poem for a girl. Think about her.

Cute Love Poems for Her From The Heart

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! Women appreciate well thought-out, sweet and beautiful love poems. Love poems will surely make your girlfriend, fiance or wife appreciate you more. Although not all of us are skilled in creating love poems for our loved ones, there are tons of famous love poems and samples available online that you can use. They may not be your own words but they are great to express your love in the simplest but sweetest way possible. We want to help make the special woman in your life feel even more loved and cherished through these beautiful poems. Some of them are long, some are short.

Poetry Out Loud

A collection of short love poems for her, whom you adore. The story begins when a boy meets a girl and something happens. The boy wants to say something romantic to the girl. For the ages immemorial, boys have used love poems to show their love for a girl.

We all know that men often avoid expressing their feelings, at least through the sophisticated and sincere words, simply because they consider them to be too sweet and pretentious. Women, in turn, get turned on by what they hear.

Kielbasa is a development editor at Saint Mary's Press, with over two decades of experience in ministry with young teens. She is an author, editor, and consultant for several courses in the Discovering Program for junior high parish religious education. Keeping a Journal.

A Great Collection of Short Love Poems for a Girl

Reprinted by permission of Milkweed Editions, www. Do you have any poems that speak to troubled teens? Bilingual is best.

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Although not all of us are capable of creating our own poetical pieces of love, samples and famous love poems are great to use as alternative. Not original yet they may have the exact words you want to express to your loved ones. Knowing this, we have included some of the best and romantic love poems for her that you can give to the special woman in your life — be it your girlfriend or wife. Below are some of the originally written love poems for her. I even categorized them such as sweet and cute love poems for her.

6 Classic Love Poems That Will Make Her Fall For You

Skip to main content. Related Poems. Growing Galaxies. Your Love. Your Love is like the sun shining down on my face my heart, like water to a flower i could not not survive without it.

If you've been looking for cute things to say to your girlfriend, here are the 41 best love quotes to use as Instagram captions that will make her smile by letting her .

Add to list. I don't really even know her, But I love her just the same. I've never even heard her voice, But we've talked a little while. I've never even heard her laugh, But I've seen her perfect smile. I've never actually hugged her, Or ran my fingers through her hair.

I've read a whole lot of Plath biographies, but this was one of the better ones. Sylvia Plath is a literary icon known for her confessional poetry, her autobiographical novel The Bell Jar, her tumultuous relationship with her husband and fellow poet Ted Hughes, and her tragic Andrew Wilson is an award-winning journalist and author.






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