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The surfer look for guys

The casual and carefree surfer guy hairstyle is a typical summer haircut, which is suited ideally to the beach style. Many famous personalities in the field of music, acting and sports have flaunted the mens surfer hair styles, Owen Wilson and Led Zeppelin, being among them. Surfers had taken the center stage to popularize this tousled and casual hairstyle, and this surfer hairstyle men has a lot to do with the hippie culture, where, the lack of grooming the hair is reflected in their hairstyles. The original look of the mens surfer haircut is thick, long and naturally sun bleached hair, appearing as though the sun and salt water have drenched the hair for hours together.

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The Surfer Look

This haircut, in particular, is long with hair hanging to as low as the neck , unkempt, and very often curly or wavy. This haircut takes its name from the stereotype of a hardcore surfer whose hair has been bleached by the sun, soaked in salty sea waters, and received minimal care.

Although these might not sound like the healthiest things for your hair, you can create a similar effect at home without causing any harm to your hair. Let your hair grow down to about chin height around the sides, and eye height at the front — or even lower.

Any texture will come with time, and — when it does come — let it be natural. Despite being so long, this cut is quite low maintenance.

When using hair products, pick something which will create more of a matte finish — as opposed to a shiny one — for a more authentic look. As always, sunglasses are optional, but they really do complete the look! In any case, this messy bun is certainly a clean, modern hairstyle suitable for any surf-lover. Medium-length, messy curls are yet another awesome surfer look. This style is super easy to maintain and looks great both wet and dry.

This long, shoulder-length surfer hairstyle is super convenient — with no styling whatsoever — and totally rocks the free-spirited vibes. Here, the facial hair adds a good dose of manliness. So, you want a surfer hairstyle, but also something relatively manageable. Why not opt for a shorter-length cut like this simple, tousled undercut? Some afros definitely fall under the category of surfer hairstyles. This medium-to-long, super-curly afro is fit for the ocean — you can see that in the reflection of those glasses.

This look is another short-ish surfer hairstyle, perfect for when you have to be at the office in the morning and can only hit the beach later in the day. Multipurpose, cool, and simple — what more could you ask for? This medium-length haircut features some cool angles and plenty of messiness. There are thousands of variations for these messy, naturally-styled cuts. Latest Trends 10 photos. Latest Trends 68 photos. Men 31 photos.

Surfer Hair For Men

Surfer hair is one of those hairstyles that are referred to as tousled. The hair is intentionally made to look unkempt, disheveled and messy to create a relaxed impression. Though, with the right styling products and approach, you can achieve such an appealing hairstyle without leaving home. Already feeling intrigued? Pinterst Source: spizoiky via Instagram.

This haircut, in particular, is long with hair hanging to as low as the neck , unkempt, and very often curly or wavy. This haircut takes its name from the stereotype of a hardcore surfer whose hair has been bleached by the sun, soaked in salty sea waters, and received minimal care.

After all, the artfully rumpled surfer hairstyle strikes just the right balance between scruffy and overly groomed, making it perfect for summer. While the most obvious method for replicating their Cali beach bum texture is to actually get up on a board, salty seawater does tend to leave locks parched and crispy. Because the goal is to get texture without any excessive crunch, modify the amount of texturizing spray you use based on your hair. That can vary from three pumps for shorter, finer hair to eight for thicker, longer manes.

15 Surfer Hairstyles: An Iconic Tousled Style and More

Dawn patrol is never compatible with combs and early morning showers, and that is precisely how a surfer haircut begins. The thing is: you need to surf. However, the surfing lifestyle evolved into the mainstream fast and, nowadays, people who never surfed try to emulate the surfer's hair. At all costs - girls and boys, men and women. Unlike a classic crew cut, the surf haircut is a social statement. The first beach hairstyles were born in Southern California when, in the s, wave riding addicts began adopting a beach bum attitude and confronting the establishment. Haircuts change, but the wind-blown surfers' haircut stood the test of time and became an instant rebel classic.

Surfer Hair For Men – 50 Beach Inspired Men’s Hairstyles

What defines the surfer style? The tanned skin? A colourful Hawaiian shirt? The board?

The style has become hugely popular since the s and combines undone texture with grown-out lengths, typically with highlighted or bleached strands that exude year-round summer vibes. Want the style for yourself?

Surfer hair was popularized in the s and is ultimately all about letting your hair grow out and flow naturally. While guys can get short, medium-length or long surfer hairstyles, all of them are styled cool, messy, and shaggy. And although good hair products like clay and sea salt spray can help replicate the wavy or curly versions of the surfer boy haircut, in reality, achieving it requires a natural style without product.

How to Get Sick Surfer Hair Without Stepping Foot in the Ocean

For gentlemen who call dawn patrol a part of their daily morning routine, these cuts are as close to the perfect wave as it gets. The original look: Thick, long length hair with a naturally bleached tone and windswept appearance. A frazzled and sun damaged look add genuine character.

Surfer hair is often styled with a relaxed, tousled hairstyle. Although surfer hairstyles are often easy and low-maintenance styles, the cut can also be styled into a trendier look. For a simple, easy-to-wear hairstyle that suits most face shapes and hair type curly, wavy or straight , the surfer cut for guys is the ideal choice. While surfer hair does require some shaping, the best surfer hairstyles are loose and unshaped. Try to resist the temptation to touch up your hair with styling product when it gets long and messy — growing it out is the only way to get the natural look. Styling surfer hair comes down to waking up, looking in the mirror, and fixing a few strands of hair to get the look you want.

8 Laid-back Surfer Hairstyles for 2020

Updated: December 5, References. Many men's hairstyles come and go, but one that has been timeless is casual and tousled "Surfer Hair". Surfer Hair is the ultimate summer haircut, and makes you look like you belong on a sun kissed beach with the scent of the ocean blowing through your locks. It great on almost all guys who want a casual look and is pretty easy to maintain too. Surfer hair is a casual, slightly longer cut that will let your hair flow in the wind. Before you get a surfer cut, let your hair grow out past your ears. Wash your hair 3 or 4 times a week and always use conditioner, which will keep it healthy as it grows out.

Jun 6, - “You want to use just enough to leave your hair with a lived-in look,” says Serna. Mess It Up. You don't want to smooth over this style, so skip the.

If you're looking to change up your hair to something low-maintenance, there's one style that fits the bill perfectly: surfer hair. The benefits? No barbershop, ocean, or slew of products are needed to achieve that lived-in beach bum look.

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