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Weirdest thing you find attractive in a guy

It is quite easy to guess what men generally find attractive in women- a pretty face, nice curves, good manners, and every other thing nice. While we could go on mentioning the great, endearing attributes that almost every man would be attracted to in a heartbeat, we've also discovered, from research and questioning guys, that there are some weird things that men love about women, things you would never have guessed or imagined. Some of these things are 'special' personal preferences, and some are a bit common among men Below, we list seven weird things men find attractive in women - watch out for number 3 and 4!

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 7 Surprising Things Women Find Attractive on Men

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 7 WEIRD Things Girls Find ATTRACTIVE in Guys - How to Be WAY More Attractive to Women (INSTANTLY!)

10 Men Share The Best, Most Unexpected Way A Woman Caught Their Attention

Attraction may seem pretty straightforward. But according science, attraction is actually more complicated than you think. As Nick Hobson, psychologist and Director of Science at PsychologyCompass , tells Bustle, attraction isn't as simple as thinking, "They're good looking.

I want to date them. Instead, our psychology tends to over-complicate things. For instance, when you see someone relatively "attractive" for the first time, so many different thoughts will go through your head whether you realize it or not.

Like, what are they wearing? Is the weather nice? Where did the initial interaction take place? What's my mood? Does the person look familiar? Did I just get a raise at work? Did my dog die this week? More often than not, we don't even know this is happening. Because attraction is pretty weird and complex, here are some interesting and sometimes confusing things that make people attracted to you, according to science.

One interesting theory on attraction is called the "misattribution of emotions. It's why doing something scary with someone like watching a horror movie on a date can make them seem more attractive. Similar to the misattribution of emotions theory, Hobson says there's also the anxiety-sexual arousal link.

Again, feeling a sense of anxiety around someone you see for the first time can make you feel like it's "love at first sight," so you're more likely to take it as a sign that this person could be someone special. The "ovulatory shift hypothesis" suggests that reaching peak fertility will have an effect on who you find attractive. It all comes down to basic biology. Whether someone is aware of it or not, if they are attracted to men, they may be more likely to find more "masculine" types more attractive during ovulation than other times of the month.

Additionally, men attracted to women are also unconsciously more attracted to women during ovulation than before or after it. Although researchers aren't exactly sure why it happens, one study did find that men found that ovulating women's scents were "sweeter" and thus more attractive, than those who were not ovulating. The " propinquity effect " says that we're more likely to be attracted to people and form close relationships with them if they are physically located near us.

So you could be going about your daily routine and not realize that someone who sees you every day may be attracted to you. The interesting part is, you don't even have to say a word. Just seeing your familiar face every day will somehow have a way of drawing them in. That sense of familiarity can also make that person more comfortable to start a conversation, form a friendship, or even ask you out on a date. This one may seem initially weird and confusing, but it does make sense.

A study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior found that gay men and heterosexual women in particular were attracted to body types that resembled their dad's body type. This was especially true for women who had positive relationships with their fathers.

According to the study, this has to do with the psychological phenomenon of imprinting or "bonding" in humans. If you had a strong bond with your parent growing up, you're more likely to look for a partner who reminds you of your parent.

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences conducted a study on attraction using a speed dating-type of scenario.

They observed the non-verbal behaviors of both men and women during each "date" and compared that to those who were picked for a second date. People who showed "expansive body language" such as a good posture were 76 percent more likely to get asked out on another date. Having bad posture or closed off body langage i.

As you know, your natural smell plays a role in attraction. According to a study from Macquarie University in Australia, it was found that women were more attracted to the odors of men who ate more fruits and vegetables than those who ate refined carbs like pasta and bread. Apparently those who ate more of a plant-based diet had better smelling sweat than those who did not.

You may think you know how attraction works, but it's not just about looks or personality. So take comfort in the fact that there are so many other random things that can cause someone to be attracted to you because attraction is a lot more complex than you probably think. Your Cycle. Your Daily Routine. Your Posture.

7 weird things men find attractive in women

Guys wiping their face at the end of a meal in that proper way with the napkin and dabbing. Not like a gross greasy guy wiping his mutt with his sleeve. I absolutely love it when girls push their hair behind their ear, and a little bit of it falls forward again, and they keep doing it without realizing it.

The girl just looked good in the thumbnail. Most of the time we try to dry the face first, then the sack. But sometimes we have to go back to the face.

By Esra Gurkan For Mailonline. What is the weirdest thing you're attracted to? From the folded-down tip of a boyfriend's right ear, to when a woman writes down reminders on the back of their hand, there are lots of unique things that can get a person's attention. Somebody has taken to Reddit to ask the question: 'What is the weirdest thing you're attracted to? Some could be classed as cute little quirks while others sounded more like weird fetishes.

15 Weird Things You May Think Are Unsexy But Men Find Really Hot

What do women find attractive in men? Is it being physically fit, with a muscular body, like Dwayne "The Rock Johnson"? Is it being suave, with an impeccable taste in style, like Idris Elba? This mystery has haunted men for centuries - until now! Thanks to a recent poll, we finally know what women fancy. For years, we dudes have sought this elusive information. Dre's Detox all rolled into one.

Women Share 9 Unusual Things They Find Attractive in Men

So many complicated reasons that I cannot explain them here. I tried but I ended up just hitting enter too many times. You would come in and ruin my business, reducing my earnings to about 80 cents. How can I turn down such a spirited request? What am I rehabbing?

This is a memoir of growing up intersex and becoming an activist for intersex visibility. Unlike many intersex children, Hida was not subjected to surgery, hormones, or other "treatments" to try and

You see, attraction for females is weird and confusing and complicated. Science proves there are some unexpected—even weird—behaviors, traits, and characteristics women find oddly charming in a man. A lot of it has to do with evolution: Men, unlike women, have a larger window of fertility.

10 Odd Things That Attract The Ladies | Strange Ways To Attract Women Video

With all the advice about how to "catch" a man flying at us from all directions, women have a hard time knowing exactly what works and what doesn't. Reading magazines, books, and websites written by women telling women how to attract hetero dudes seems insane, ridiculous, and counterproductive. Not only that, but it leads to all sorts of stresses, mixed signals, and frustration.

Attraction may seem pretty straightforward. But according science, attraction is actually more complicated than you think. As Nick Hobson, psychologist and Director of Science at PsychologyCompass , tells Bustle, attraction isn't as simple as thinking, "They're good looking. I want to date them. Instead, our psychology tends to over-complicate things. For instance, when you see someone relatively "attractive" for the first time, so many different thoughts will go through your head whether you realize it or not.

15 Weird Things Women Find Attractive In Men

I went out there did some research, came up with ten strange ways to be more attractive. Really quick before I get into the ten strange ways to be more attractive, I want to share with you an e-mail I just got. Hey, Antonio just a brief note to say my Vincero Chrono is freaking awesome man, better than I expected. Thanks for enlightening me brother. I am happy to bring you sponsors like Vincero that put out great products. Literally, this is the type of watch when you wear it people are going to be, man, that only cost — that because it looks ten times more expensive. You guys get the point.

May 14, - It's the first thing I notice on every guy and it definitely makes or breaks his appearance. I find guys that kinda look like Seth Rogen attractive.

What makes a man attractive might have less to do with how hard he tries, and more the things he does without even realizing. That seems to be the conclusion of a Reddit thread where user porotart asked female users: "What do men do that's attractive, that men don't know about? The resulting comments covered everything from being kind to animals to driving a stick shift , and the majority of the responses weren't actions or traits specific to men. Our main takeaway? Small gestures matter the most.

32 People Share The Weirdest Quality That They Find Irresistibly Attractive

There are almost certainly things about you or things that you do that you think are, well, let's say less than sexy. It's not that you think you're the grossest or the ugliest or anything like that, it's just that you are more than sex appeal. There are still workouts to power through, bodily functions to deal with, and other things to grapple with that can get in the way of feeling the "hottest" sometimes, you know?






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