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What to get a 4 month old girl for christmas

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Are you trying to find a suitable baby toy for a 4 month old baby boy or girl? Here in this review, we have looked at some of the safest and educational toys for little ones available. A baby at four months can clench and open their fists. At this age, the baby can also grasp something and change it between their hands.

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Baby Gift Ideas: 100 Great Gifts for Babies Under One!

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By the age of four months, a baby will reach out for a toy right when they see it 1. It is also the time when they hold a toy by themselves and swing at a dangling toy. Thus, a four-month-old is a more avid player of toys than before. The right toy can keep the baby engaged while helping them exercise their developmental milestones.

Buying toys for four-month-old babies is fairly simple. All you have to do is ensure that the toy looks attractive, makes engaging sound, and is safe for the baby. Additionally, it should also be easy to clean. Click-clack sounds easily attract babies.

As your baby grows older, it can be given to them to hold and play. This piano gym is a toy that has a lot to offer to your little munchkin as they grow. It transforms into multiple toys to suit your baby as they keep growing. This cuddly fish not just entertains, but also helps in developing various physical and cognitive skills. Your naughty angel may not like the idea of lying on the bed the whole time and might cry for your attention. So, why not keep them happy with this floor seat that can help and support your baby in a sitting position?

We know how difficult it is to bathe a crying baby who hates water. These bath toys spin and rattle so your baby can be busy playing while you quickly give them a bath. It also develops hand-eye coordination. These colorful balls and blocks offer great scope for open-play. The textured balls are easy to grasp and attractive for babies.

It plays music and flashes colorful lights. Ever seen a cute little cow playing music? This cuddly soft cow plays music and flashes colorful lights. It is perfect for babies who enjoy lights and sounds. Babies drool a lot. This toy is a multi-functional one since it works as a bib and later works as a teether while keeping the baby entertained.. It plays numerous melodies and lights up with a single touch.

Its rattling sound encourages babies to shake their arms. Sometimes, all a baby needs is a simple rattling toy. This cute set of four tiny blankets features textured teethers with smooth edges to help babies during their teething period. This uniquely shaped, colorful activity ball makes clacking and rattling sound that babies love. It is also fine for babies to chew on it as it comes with teethers.

Traveling becomes stress-free when your baby has a toy to play. This black and white toy can ensure that your baby is engaged for a while.

This toy supports the baby during tummy time and can also transform into a comfortable sitting couch. For a 4-month-old baby, tummy time becomes more fun when surrounded by toys. This playmat has something interesting to offer at every corner, so the baby remains engaged for a long time. Here is yet another musical toy for your darling baby. This toy is shaped like a Ferris wheel that moves with a rattling sound. Shopping with your little angel becomes difficult if they are not kept busy.

This toy arch is designed to fit any regular crib, so babies are easily engaged while you shop. This set of colorful teethers can ensure your baby never feels bored with one toy. But this teething mitten fits the hand like a glove, and you need not worry about your baby dropping the teether frequently.

Tummy time is no fun without a play mat. This cool mat is filled with water, which makes for exciting tummy time. But since 4-month-olds cannot sit as yet, this hanging toy can keep them busy and happy. Toys for a four-month-old baby is often designed to encourage them to use their mouth and hands, thus enhancing their sensory skills. Before you pick a toy, also check if it is visually appealing and also has lasting entertainment value for the little one. These are our picks for the best toys for four-month-old babies.

Which one did you like best? Do share your answer in the comments section below. Buy on Amazon. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Lamaze Freddie The Firefly. Check Price.

63 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Baby (2019) + BONUS

By the age of four months, a baby will reach out for a toy right when they see it 1. It is also the time when they hold a toy by themselves and swing at a dangling toy. Thus, a four-month-old is a more avid player of toys than before. The right toy can keep the baby engaged while helping them exercise their developmental milestones.

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Okay, you could buy your 4-month-old a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates, let her play with the wrapping paper, and then give the gifts back to yourself. After all, she doesn't understand the concept of Christmas or gifts. But your baby needs a lot of stuff, so buying things that she both needs and enjoys is the perfect way of honoring her first holiday season with you. Keep a list of baby-friendly gifts handy for when the grandparents, godparents and cousins start asking what they can give your child this Christmas. By 4 months, most babies are interested in crinkly, colorful toys.

The Best Holiday Gifts for 6- to 12-Month-Old Babies

Since 6- to month-olds are starting to fully explore their surroundings, the special little one in your life is sure to be dazzled by the lights, smells and sounds of the holiday season. Many parents start to get the hang of parenting about now, too. Babies begin interacting with the world and developing their own big! Starting between 6 to 9 months , babies are thrilled to put their new skills in motion: They sit up unassisted, crawl over any object in sight and use objects to pull up and stand. With this new mobility, they can more easily manipulate and study objects with their hands. Colorful toys and those with interesting shapes and textures are sure to capture baby's attention. Sometime before the end of the first year, many babies cruise on two feet while holding on to couch cushions or an adult's hands.

3-6 Months : Baby Toys

When you visit a link on our site and buy something we sometimes earn a commission. Are you having a hard time trying to find toys for your 4 month old child? However, with so many different options available, it can be tricky trying to find the gifts that you think would be best. You can also use our buyers guide section to gain even more valuable information to help you feel super confident about making a final decision. Sale Summer Infant 3-Stage

Coming up with baby gift ideas — even gifts for infants — is hard!

As eye-hand coordination improves, your four-month-old will enjoy greater interaction. Play simple games or offer activity toys to help your baby start to understand cause and effect. She may recognize familiar faces and take an interest in others. Did I do that?

4 months old

This article contains affiliate links. This moment is definitely worth the effort. Instead of running from store to store, take a look at my tips and my gift ideas for babies. See what will be suitable for a newborn, what will make one-year-old baby happy and what will bring joy to a 2-year-old child.


Your 6-month-old is halfway through her first year and is quickly making the transition from newborn to older baby. By 6 months old, babies are becoming more and more interested in the world around them and are eager to interact with it. As your baby begins to get more adept at sitting and making her way through physical, emotional and cognitive milestones at a rapid pace, toys and interactive play will have a major impact on her development. While playing, babies develop and practice intellectual, social and physical skills. There are more and more toy options available to parents every day, and choosing the right toys for your 6-month-old baby can be overwhelming. Babies can develop their fine motor skills by playing with toys that they are able to grasp, push, pull and manipulate with their hands.

How am I supposed to buy Christmas Gifts for Newborns?!

Any of these baby Christmas gifts are sure to top off this special milestone and make it truly memorable. In this article: Newborn Christmas gifts: 0 to 3 months Baby Christmas gifts: 3 to 6 months Baby Christmas gifts: 6 to 9 months Baby Christmas gifts: 9 to 12 months. From play mats to loveys, rattles and more, these age-appropriate presents for newborn girls and boys will soothe and stimulate your child. As soft as a marshmallow right out of the bag, this sweet, clutchable lamby will see your little one through long car rides, doctor visits and victorious battles with monsters in the closet. The pup is even sporting a winter sweater!

My baby will be 4-months-old at Christmas and is my firstborn. My question is, what did other mums do for Christmas presents for a baby so young? Any ideas.

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What a delightful age. Get them some new toys to practise their burgeoning skills for swatting, grabbing and chewing — or a play mat for tummy time and rolling. Made from super-soft, plush cotton fabric these impossibly cute novelty hooded towels have bathtime snuggles all wrapped up. We love the extended play opportunities.

If you want to get a toy that will hit help inspire the growth and development of your 4-month-old the SmartNoggin NogginStik is your best bet. This light-up toy was invented by a mom and Early Intervention Specialist and comes with an included pamphlet on helping you understand what milestones your baby should be achieving at a certain month, as well as some ideas on how to encourage growth in these areas. Parents say this toy mesmerized their child.

Enjoying your new role as teacher?!

It appears JavaScript is disabled. To get the most out of the website we recommend enabling JavaScript in your browser. Is this your baby's first Christmas? How exciting!

Or, do babies and infants really need presents? This post is a part of our 4th Trimester and Postpartum series! In , I came to the strange cross roads of having a brand new, itty-bitty baby and the Holiday season on the horizon. I really love this little toy. It makes a great rattle for the 1, 2, 3 month olds and then it becomes a great incentive for almost-crawling babies. Wooden Montessori-Inspired Baby toy gift set. This is just a great, quality gift for your children that can build rational skills even in babies.

From Santa so DS dear son doesn't question why he got something and she didn't she's getting DS's old exersaucer cleaned up and put together. From us she's getting some Christmas pjs, a soft toy for in the car and a stuffed Hello Kitty - my hubs idea since we live in Japan which I guess is where Hello Kitty started? I know next to nothing about Hello Kitty.

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