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What to get your sick girlfriend

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Your plans with your girlfriend are now canceled due to her sudden illness, and you want to do something to lift her spirits. Though soup is the traditional item to bring to a sick loved one, surprise her with something different to let her know she's special. She will admire your creative approach to getting her on the road to better health. Bring her foods that will help restore her back to better health and remind her that you love her. If she's suffering from a cold, large doses of vitamin C will help her heal faster.

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Create Your Own Spouse Sick Kit

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Looking to cheer up a cranky sick boyfriend with a get well soon gift? No one likes being sick and men, in particular, don't respond well to being unwell. Get your cranky, moody and bedridden boyfriend these 10 get-well-soon gifts to make him feeling all better. Even if he will be home bound for a while, these sweet gifts will make him feel love and pampered, which is exactly what he is craving.

If your boyfriend is sick, he will probably revert to child-like state and look for love and attention from you. However, recent research has proven that man-flu does exist. Turns out that when men get sick they really do feel worse than women do. According to the research carried out by Dr. Amanda Ellison, men run a higher temperature and feel rougher when they down with the flu.

Next time your boyfriend is unwell, remember that he might be having it worse, and just focus on pampering him. Because what all men want when they are sick is to be molly coddled. Drop by his house to hand him a tissue, fluff his pillow or check his temperature. Get your mom to make your favourite soup for him or you could stop by his house with the class notes.

As mentioned before, recent research says that men do have it a little rougher than women do. According to the research conducted by Amanda Ellison, men have more fluctuations in body temperature, fever and signs of inflammation will be higher, and they take longer to recover than women do. Your boyfriend will definitely appreciate a good head massage or a nice back rub that will help him feel better. You can try eucalyptus-scented oil to help him breathe better.

When men get sick the whole world knows about it. While women stuff Kleenex up their nose and go about their business, while men lie on their beds bemoaning their illness. Offer to help — your boyfriend will definitely appreciate it. Most men get cranky; they require constant attention, lots of cooing and superhuman quantities of patience — just be patient with him. Take soup for him, constantly keep in touch with him, or take movie night to him. Handmade Get Well Brownie Pops will make your boyfriend feel like million bucks.

Your boyfriend will never be this thrilled by a visit to the doctor. Get this handmade chocolate brownie pop from Gifts for Rs. You can also pop into your local bakery and look for something he loves to gift him. If your boyfriend loves to game and he is getting bored stuck in bed due to ill-health, why not cheer him up with a video game gift card. He can use this as he wants - whether its to buy new games, software, upgradations anything at all. You, of course, will need to know how he games, whether it's on Xbox or on PlayStation or on Steam.

If he rather plays on mobile, you can get him a Google Play gift card. If for example he is on Steam, then you can buy him a Steam Giftcard that he can redeem as he wants.

Value starts at Rs. Your boyfriend will need good nutrition so that his body can respond to germy invaders quickly and efficiently. Make sure he eats healthy with these treats packed with flavour and essential nutrients like oats biscuts, honey, and makhana pops. This basket is available on Natures Basket for Rs. Hippocrates once said, "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food. And fruits have all the nutrients and energy you require to get better soon. This set comes with 12 red roses and 3 kilos of fruits, get it delivered to your boyfriend from India Gift for Rs.

The good thing about this pet rock is that it need not be fed, bathed, walked or groomed. He will be thoroughly entertained with caring for this calming and charming pet rock. The package comprises a pet carrier box, the pet rock and also comes with a detailed instruction manual on how to care for your pet. You can buy it from Oye Happy for Rs. Apart from the bitter medicines prescribed by your doctor, your hugs and kisses will go a long way in making your boyfriend feel much better.

Wish him speedy recovery with this personalised Get Well Soon Card. You can personalise it by getting your personal message printed on the card. A heartfelt message from you will score brownie points with your boyfriend; get it today for just Rs. When your boyfriend is sick in bed he is going to get absolutely bored and cranky, driving not only himself up the wall, but others around him too.

His limbs will ache, his throat will be sore, and his nose will be congested. A hot soup can help alleviate cold symptoms in anyone. You can try this healing recipe from Veg Corner. All his laundry, cooking and cleaning is going to be left as it is.

Even if he has help, there will be several things that need to be taken care of, such as buying groceries, paying his bills and so on. If the home space is clean light up some therapeutic essential oil diffusers to make him feel better. Research shows that hugs have the power to heal, especially when life feels out of control. If your boyfriend is down with the flu he is probably behind on his class work. Drop by his house with his class work and help him with it if possible.

Your boy is going to be very appreciative because you went out of your way to help and keep him updated with school work. It shows him that you love him and care about his wellbeing. Make the effort to just be there for him, comfort him and give him lots of love. Being sick is one of the most awful feelings in the world. Think back to the times you have been unwell and all that you craved at the time and try fulfill those needs for your boyfriend. Sometimes the person is too sick to appreciate small treats and gifts, your boyfriend may be irritable, snap at everyone and not be fun to be around in general.

Think of ways to soothe and comfort him, and no matter how crabby he gets, don't take it personally, it is just a reflection of how miserable he is feeling.

He Needs Love and Attention. Source www. Related articles. A Good Massage. Be Patient With Him. Handmade Get Well Soon Goodies. Video Games Gift Card. Source store. Wellness Gift Basket. Flowers and Fruit. Tired of Boring Gifts for Boyfriend? A Pet Rock. Get Well Soon Card. Sweet Things to Do with Sick Boyfriend. Binge on Movies.

Make Him Healing Soup. Add the carrots and mushrooms and fry for about 2 minutes. Add the lentils, water, or broth if you are using, coriander and cook for about 20 minutes, or till lentils are soft. Season with salt and pepper. Switch off the flame before stirring in the kale and serve hot. Planning Something Exclusive for a Special Occasion? Consider these Amazing Gourmet Food Gifts for Help Him. Cuddle With Him. Bring College Notes For Him. Patience and Kindness Being sick is one of the most awful feelings in the world.

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32 Affectionate Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Better When She is Sick

When your spouse is feeling crummy, show them how much you care by creating a personalized Spouse Sick Kit. The Sick Kit is ideal for a flu kit, a care package for a sick boyfriend, or a sick girlfriend gift — it does it all! Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Who knew a medical kit could be so adorable?!

So how do you deal with your sick girlfriend in a loving manner, without driving yourself insane? In fact, these tips may just score you some brownie point!

It seems life become blurry and blue without her in the short period of her illness. But keep on mind love is everything which can bring happiness and fulfillment in life. So, besides the bitter pills and medicine let your love to take care of your sweetheart girlfriend! You may write to her a sweet note by wishing to get well soon or send her a Get Well Soon Message from this page which is too cute to show your care and convey your deep thoughts towards your girlfriend.

14 Ideas for a Comforting Care Package for a Sick Loved One

I never suffered any fools nor weathered a scratchy throat without her hastening about the house for cough drops and Earl Grey. Perhaps my views on the value of nurturing one another in sickness are slightly skewed for this reason. When Natalie and I first met, as coddled as we both were by our mothers — neither of us were natural caregivers. One of us would fall ill and the other would sneer around the apartment day-dreaming about all the thrilling misadventures we could be having with a more robust counterpart. It also made us question what the other would do if one of us got really, seriously sick. Finally, we came to blows over something very inconsequential and admitted to each other that we both felt forsaken by the other when we got sick and that felt pretty miserable, it made the already unpleasant situation of sickness feel even worse. Here are some easy things you can do when she falls ill to remain a virtuous beacon of comfort, even if you do about half of these things you should be golden and on your way to durable forever relations:.

What Are Some Cute Ideas to Bring Your Sick Girlfriend Besides Soup?

The only opinion from girls was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion! Share Facebook. What do you give your girlfriend when she's feeling sick? Add Opinion. Gestures are a great way to show your feelings, but more and more, I've noticed that when people are sick, outside of comfort foods, they don't want anyone bringing them medicine of any kind.

Looking to cheer up a cranky sick boyfriend with a get well soon gift? No one likes being sick and men, in particular, don't respond well to being unwell.

And while apple-picking orchards and cider-doughnut stands may be the perfect environs for fall romance, they are also crawling with disease. That's right, single friends: It's cold and flu season. Let's talk about how it affects your love life.

200+ Romantic Care Package Ideas For Girlfriend

And yet you might be stumped for inspiration on what to put in your gift basket. Have a look at these 14 ideas for creating a comforting care package for sick loved ones. All opinions are my own.

There is nothing worse than being sick and feeling completely alone. When anyone is sick, they need help getting and doing certain things. You tell him or her to rest, but how can one rest when one is running around just trying to survive? Give her a deep tissue massage. There are many benefits to a deep tissue massage and your sweetheart deserves to feel relaxed and free of any tension built up from being sick. Dogs need attention too.

Top 8 Things to do for Your Girlfriend When she gets Sick [PHOTOS]

It starts with a flemmy cough. Maybe a heavy duty nose blow. Within the blink of an eye, your beloved girlfriend could become a vessel for a nasty cold, virus or even the dreaded strep throat such a dick move by nature. How do I keep my lady comfortable during her time of need? What is expected of a dutiful boyfriend?

32 Affectionate Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Better When She is Sick When the sickness escalate, you need to quickly get her to the doctor to have a.

When you are used to seeing your girlfriend in her usually vibrant state, it can be jarring to see her practically helpless when she gets hit with a bad cold, the flu or worse. Bringing her soup is helpful, but you can do better than that. Go above and beyond with a variety of other helpful and sweet items that are sure to lift her sprits and get her back on her feet in no time. The easiest thing you can do is pick up a cute get-well card from the store to bring over to your girlfriend. However, she'll appreciate it much more if you write your own get well message.

Get Well Soon Message For Girlfriend – Cute Romantic Wishes

People get sick all the times. When we are sick we get all groggy, tired, and we have a bad mood or the rest of the day. As a lover, we need to lift our partners up.






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